Friday, August 30, 2013

Wordle Wall

The beginning of the school year brings excitement and new ideas.  One that I am deciding to incorporate in my class is the Wordle Wall.  I have printed out and laminated several question words and commonly used phrases in Spanish and arranged them in different ways on one of the bulletin boards in my classroom.  The purpose of the Wordle Wall is to encourage students to use the target language as much as possible with me and with their classmates.  By having them on the wall in front of the class, hopefully the students will stare at it, it will sink in and they will begin to use the words that they see on a daily basis.

This is what the wall looks like now, at the beginning of the school year.  I am encouraging students to add other words or phrases to the wall.  One catch, the words have to be independent from the chapter or core vocabulary that we are practicing at the time.  I hope the wall inspires students to speak Spanish more in class with me and with their classmates!  I'll post another picture in June to highlight what has been added to the wall!