Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#fliplang -- Twitter chat

On Wednesday, July 31, 2013, the first #fliplang twitter chat occurred.  The idea for this type of chat came from a conversation on Twitter between @SraSpanglish, @SraWitten and myself @srapontarelli about the #flipclass chat and the #langchat chat on Twitter.  The flipped classroom chat normally happens on Monday nights from 8-9 PM EST.  The foreign or world language chat happens on Thursday nights from 8-9 PM EST.  The idea for #fliplang came about to help those teachers who are looking to flip their World Language classes.

Both of the other chats are fantastic and I wouldn't be the "flipper" and World Language teacher that I am today without them.  However, it seemed like there was much interest that specifically related to how to effectively flip the FL class.  Hence #fliplang.

The chat was very lively and went fast.  The questions posed were designed by Heather Witten and myself to help guide other teachers to think about how they could possibly execute the flip in their classes.  It was exciting to "follow' so many new and energetic language teachers from across the country.  I believe that many great ideas were shared and many of us are excited to put what we chatted about into practice.

We hope to keep this chat going and keep the ideas flowing!  Join us on Wednesdays from 8-9 pm EST to talk about flipping the world language class.  Next weeks topic will be on "Classroom Activities".  What do you do in class after they have viewed the tutorials at home?

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