Saturday, June 22, 2013

End of the Year Reflection -- Motivation and Creativity

What a year!  I honestly can't believe it's over!  In September, I had a very novice understanding of what it meant to "flip" a class.  By October I was watching webinars and my having my students create accounts on  28 tutorials later I am flipping 2 courses of the four that I teach.  I have tweaked my "Week at a Glance" sheets, added more problem based activities, and I have incorporated much more speaking and listening into my daily routine.

I think the one thing that I have really valued the most out of this flipping experience is the individualized time that I get with each student.  I feel as though I know the students in the classes that I have flipped much better than those in the other courses that are taught more traditionally.  I am able to speak with each one of them on a daily basis and ask and answer questions.  This has allowed them to overall, score much better on assessments.

I am really looking forward to learning more ideas and techniques to implement in my flipped courses.  Problem Based Learning and Assessments are next on my agenda.  PBL and PBA will provide my students the opportunities to be creative with the language.  Through my many Google forms and surveys of students this year, if something seems relevant to them, if they can see the practicality of the content being learned, then they are more motivated to learn the material.  They are also more inclined to go beyond what we are learning in class and take their learning into their own hands.  When students become more motivated to use the language, they in turn become creative in how they can use the language.  Their motivation drives them to become more creative.

Looking forward to learning more this summer and implementing my findings this coming school year!
¡Qué pasen un buen verano!