Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Not so much of a success..

So far the flipping with my Spanish 2 students has been great!  They are viewing the tutorials, filling out the guided practice Google Forms that follow, and they have been asking great questions in class.  Naturally, seeing the wonderful results, I wanted to do this with my other classes.

I created a tutorial for Spanish 1.  I sent them the email with the code to access the tutorial.  I gave them ample time to view the material, talked it up in class, and sent another email, just for good measure.  To my disappointment, only 7 students out of 26 viewed the tutorial and submitted the Google Form.

So now what?  What do I do?  I hadn't planned very well for those 7 students to work on something else in class while I went over the information with the other 19 students.  I decided, to keep moving with the curriculum, to present the concept as I would have done traditionally.  I also went through the steps with the students and showed them where to go on the website so that they were familiar.  I asked the students who had viewed the tutorial at home how long it took them to watch it and to fill out the form.  All 7 said it took them 10-12 minutes to do so.

I now had to prove a point!  How boring would it be to have me present for 15 minutes (I timed how long it took in class) than they view it at home for 10 minutes?  I may have changed some minds, I may have not.  That remains to be seen.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with the students who refuse or don't view the tutorials at home?  I welcome any advice!

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