Thursday, October 25, 2012

Problems that arise

Already encountering some problems.

I figured this might happen.  The first, one student couldn't create an account with  So I emailed the customer support and they got back to me fairly quickly.  

Next, while previewing my slideshow with my class today, to show them what to expect and do, I couldn't hear the audio.  I then realized that the way I had done my voice over was different, so the students would have to download the presentation, and then they can hear me.

So far, that's not bad.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  Today I unveiled the task of watching the slideshow at home.  Things that I told them they needed to do were:
1)  Create an account
2)  Download the slideshow
3)  Watch the slideshow
4)  Take notes while watching the slideshow, which I will check in class on Monday.
5)  Lastly, fill out the google form that follows the tutorial.

While explaining this method to the class, I noticed that I saw some sparks in some eyes, not the usual glazed over look.  A sign of good things to come?  Let's hope so!  Stay tuned!!!

P.S.  I got my t-shirt and certificate in the mail today.  I am officially flip certified!!

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