Monday, October 29, 2012

A question for all you "flippers"

How do you record your voice over your power point presentations?  I have a MacBook Air and I thought the record option on the powerpoint would be sufficient.  However, on it doesn't have a "Play" button on the presentation/tutorial.  The students have to download the presentation, which, in some cases, is presenting problems for students.  Is there a better way to record my voice over my power points, that doesn't require any fancy equipment?

Help!  Thanks!  For all my fellow east coast friends, be safe!


  1. Kristin, did you record using a built in function of Power Point, or did you use the built in functionality of Mac? Check out this quick tutorial on how to use the QuickTime player in Mac OSX to do screen recordings. Maybe that will help?

  2. Thanks for the link, Ben! I'll check it out. I used power point that is installed on our MacBook Airs. Under Slide Show, there is a record button, and that is the one I used. I look into this other feature.